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You need to be a Member to see our films. However, anyone can become a Member!

By being a Full Member you will be supporting The Phoenix's ability to show quality world cinema for those in and around Southampton. You will be entitled to see all the films in the Season (October 2017 - June 2018) without any further payment. This means no queueing: you just show your Membership card as you walk in and take your favourite seat!

The Phoenix continues because it is supported by its 200 or so Members.

If you just want to see the occasional film then you can become an Associate Member. Associate Membership for the Season costs £3. In addition to this we will ask a per-film charge of £6. So, your first visit will cost £9 and on subsequent visits, upon showing your Associate Membership card, you will get the discounted rate of £6. Membership and tickets are available on showing evenings at SUSU Reception Box Office. Please ensure you leave enough time to get these before the start of the film at 8pm when Box Office closes.

If you think you may see over 10 of the 30 or so films in our Season, as an Associate you will end up paying more than the cost of a Full Membership and suffering the inconvenience of having to pay each time. We strongly recommend becoming a Full Member — it is a really good deal, even if you don't manage to come to all 30 films!

Attention Students!
Members of Union Films (i.e. members of SUSU) are already Associates and can get admission to Phoenix films at the usual Union Films prices from the SUSU Reception Box Office or online. Union Films Premier Pass holders can freely see any of our films.

The Full Membership rates this Season are:

  • Full Season 2017/18 Membership £80
  • Full Season 2017/18 Student Membership £25

To apply for Membership you can print out and complete the application form.

By being a Member you are supporting The Phoenix in meeting its charitable objectives. Membership payments are therefore not refundable.

JAP 12 Sept 2017